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Purchase of new real estate

When you buy fresh products, you get a property at the cutting edge of modernity (low consumption using all the classics of RT 2015, regulation of renewable energies, home automation, safety...). More informations : . Purchasers of new housing therefore have the right to anticipate a comfortable installation and equipment. Similarly, a new house will require few repairs: buying new housing means in principle not completing the work in the apartment for about ten years. Buying new ones can sometimes seem expensive. But it is essential to take into account, in addition to the size of the property, the accessible "thumb up". Investors can thus benefit from many subsidies, including the Pinel strategy to reduce their taxes.

Rental real estate investment

Rental real estate investment consists in buying one or more properties to be able to let them out and build a progressive portfolio. The interest of this purchase lies in its rental increase, i.e. the expenses must be covered mainly, if not entirely, by rental income and tax deductions. In addition, to invest in rental housing, you must meet many conditions regarding income, assets and debt levels. Do not hesitate to put the different banks in competition to obtain the highest possible interest rates or to use a brokerage firm. You must carefully study the sustainability of your work by analyzing the rental demand in the area, the state of construction, the various costs that will be charged to you, etc.

Choosing the right property

Do not imply your impact on the choice of your property. In reality, it will not be your main residence and too much psychology could force you to lose sight of your main objective: the search for an enriching investment. By selecting your home unloaded from the impact, you will increase your chances that the accommodation will please other people and find it easier to locate a buyer... The house must be rentable! Don't forget your objective: don't buy in a disaster area under the pretext of attractive prices! Go on site before buying, to see the location of the house and the surrounding amenities!

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