Seasonal rentals 

Seasonal rentals refer to leases rented for holidays. They can be reasoned directly from private individual to private individual or through an expert (a real estate agency such as). Unlike traditional residential rentals, which may be subject to the regulations of 6 July 1989, seasonal rentals are governed solely by the Civil Code (articles 1713 et seq.). Price, duration and conditions of the contract are therefore determined publicly by both parties. But a number of principles must be respected. Before signing the contract, the owner must send the prospective tenant a description of his environment, his accommodation, his furniture and the conditions of the rental. It is normal to ask for an advance at the time of booking. More informations : . Once the house is rented through a real estate agent, it cannot exceed one quarter of the total price or be charged more than six months in advance. The balance of the batch may not be maintained more than one month before the date of entry into the premises. On the other hand, there are no rules governing direct bookings. It is up to everyone to behave with common sense.

What is a real estate asset?

Landlords with real estate assets in a tourist region can benefit from many of the advantages of leases. Advantageous tax strategy, increased profitability, ability to make the most of your home...... A true Eldorado for owners, holiday rentals guarantee a significant return on their real estate resources. In many tourist regions, a week of seasonal rental can bring back the equivalent of a month's rent out of time. If you are seduced by this type of leasing, you should know that it also offers great flexibility in terms of processing: no rent control, no minimum contract duration... Discover more Villa for sale Beaulieu sur Mer directly on internet. However, it is wise not to inflate prices so artificially: rent that is too expensive would scare the contest's holidaymakers. Find out about the costs and services available for rent and look for a balance.

Investing by the sea

Investing in seaside tourism real estate means choosing a single real estate market, which includes both a high demand for rental housing during the tourist season. In the coastal areas most frequented by holidaymakers, capital goods provide investors with greater liquidity once resold (the liquidity of a house represents the ability to sell or buy it immediately, without its price being affected). Main sectors of the national tourist market and the leading tourist destination in terms of the number of nights. About 35 million tourists visit the seaside, a major seaside resort or more private areas every year. The dynamism and solidity of coastal tourism - whose impact on the economy of the land concerned is undeniable - are advantages for rental property investments., de toutes récentes sorties.

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